Friday, 4 January 2013

Life and Movement

Some quickie life drawings from a recent session...

A year ago today, I was interning and animating my ass off (never worked so harddd) at Uli Meyer's amazing, mini, magic studio in London. Whilst there I was animating my first ever lip sync test of a character from one of the cereal commercials Uli's team had worked on... I haven't animated anything for months now and am starting to reallly miss it... There's something about working yourself into a nervous, dillusional wreck at the expense of  making your drawings come to life that gave me the biggest buzz... Maybe it's time I got back to it? 


Here are some of the keys... I can't believe how off model this guy got at points...

It feels kind of weird posting work that seems so 'old' to me now, but it's weirder that I've never really posted any animation on this blog, even though it's the reason why I want to get into this industry.