Sunday, 30 December 2012

These Old Wrinkles

Some more Baba Yaga designs I managed to spruce up. This little old lady is a forest dwelling hag who lives in a hut built on chicken legs and rides around in a pimped out pestle and mortar. Cute, no?

Most of my current time is taken up with dissertation writing and turkey, so it took me a while to find the will to colour these. But here they are anyway =)! They also taught me how much I need to get to grips with colouring, because in all honesty, the line work spoke to me a lot more. Maybe I need to just strip it back, because these look a little burnt to me? Funnily, I actually like the bottom, black and white Baba Yagas the most. They're pretty simple and too the point. 

These characters are from the old folk tale, Vasila the beautiful. It's a classic fairy tale (pretty Cinderlla-ish actually), but it's been fun trying to come up with characters.
Here are some rough lines to boot,

As a side note, I have a tumblr and twitter if you're interested in my ramblings (links are under my 'shameless self promo' section on the right) 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Baba Yaga Galore

Here are some quickies for a new mini project I have on the go to tie me over this crimbo break!

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the massively talented and generous Victoria Ying, who's been mentoring me over the last few months through the online Motivarti mentorship scheme. The 3am  conference calls (time differences can be a kick in the shin) have been worth their weight in gold and I recommend this scheme to any young artist looking to expand, understand and tie up loose ends in their doodles. (Corny spiel finito)

Monday, 10 December 2012

It's Finished... (Finally)

So I handed in my kids book project last week... Finally! 
No more Peruvian things will hit this blog in a while... Here are some of the images, but none of it runs sequentially so you probably won't be able to tell what's going on anyway, ha!:)
And now I only have 5 more months left before I graduate... Scary stuff.