Thursday, 27 September 2012

Peru Fam

A lot's gone on recently, but here are some characters I've been working on in the mean time for a Uni project I'm hoping to make over the next term.
It's funny how much I've realised I miss getting back into traditional work. Half the time, double the satisfaction!

Anyways, here are some characters in the making and thumbnails to boot.

P.s. My twitter is a bit more active then my blogger right now if you want to check it out!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Beggar Beauty

So I just got back from a beautifully inspiring, short holiday in Rome. Whilst out there, I saw many grand sites, but the one that stuck with me most was this intriguing beggar woman. I never saw her face and couldn't take a guess at her age because her hair was grey but her hands were young. She didn't have much, but still had style.

Also, here are some instagram doodles. 
Since blogger is dying, I finally (and reluctantly) made a tumblr to run parallel with my Blogspot... I'm not catching the hype in the slightest...yet....
Lastly a HUGE and humble thank you as I reached 300 followers!!:D