Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Naked Valentines

As everyone knows, it was Valentines day yesterday, and like a lot of people in this world, my Valentines included a lot of nakedness! About 6hours of it actually... But not the kind most would hope for though! So here are some valentines day life drawings. The model was pretty awesome with his sword and hit some freaky poses, most of which I managed to balls up with my frantic gesture drawing panicky ways! It's kind of funny actually, the voluptuous woman in the bottom corner was actually a hairy, Tarzan, monkey man model, however the kind of feminine pose he hit would've looked strange if I'd drawn him as he actually was. Sorry :S!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Drunk Assholes

Inspired by my last post and an Al Hirschfeld book I recently skimmed through, I decided to spend the day creating a lineup of Drunk Ass 'Sloshed toffs' from the early 1900s! Trying out new design approaches has really helped to loosen me up and this piece was super fun to create!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mere *For British Eyes Only*

Meredith, my friend and housemate is 21 today and sadly she's on placement in Norway, unable to celebrate with us!
So tonight, me and my housemates paid tribute to the many faces of Meredith (Jude/Martian/British Man/Final Fantasy Dance Expressionist/Hippie/ Dagmar) Strandquist (check out her blawgg!)
This girl is a genuinely crazy, country bumpkin from Maryland, and my doodle doesn't even touch the brilliance of her British Man impression/persona!

So here's Meredith as a British Man. She makes a better one than I do and cracks me the hell up!
Happy Birthday Mere and see ya soon X

Check out my housemates renditions!
Emily & Juri

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Film Thang

Ok, so here's another film, concept piece I've been working on.
This guy gets pretty lonely at the bottom of his forgotten, derelict, black lagoon. So it's a good job someone threw in an old 'shrimp shack' sign for him to perve on!

I'm not feeling too settled on this design as he feels way too familiar with 'Dori' from Finding Nemo. Hopefully I'll have some different work to post soon as this blog's getting a bit lost in creepy, frog man drawings, but on a side note, last night my butt was kicked straight into overdrive work mode after a lengthy, frustrating art block, so hopefully I'll be posting a bit more regularly=)